Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Government is 'acting as a pimp by allowing ads for strippers, escort girls and lap dancers in Jobcentres'

More female-victimhood twaddle.

"Women and girls may be lured into prostitution by adverts placed in Jobcentres, MPs were warned today.

A charity which helps females rescued from the sex trade said the Government was acting as a 'pimp' by accepting ads for strippers, escort girls, lap dancers and adult show hostesses."

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The former beauty queen who married into a £5 Billion Pharmaceutical fortune and became Britain's richest woman

A perfect example of how, even though women are given all sorts of encouragements and advantages in their education and work lives, they are still often making more money from their looks, and out of men, than they are from hard work and inventiveness. In other words they are simply attracting pre-existing wealth, rather than generating any new wealth.
What women REALLY want: a husband by 25 called James

The fact that the man's first name should be deemed important - even if only by the magazine editors - shows you how unrealistic and silly these expectations are.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

If smoking in a pub is wrong, why isn't sex?

The usual anti-stripping twaddle by a sexually-jealous older woman.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Don't mention the wife! John Cleese's 'amicable' divorce seems anything but

... Because on the face of it, at least, he does not appear to have an awful lot to laugh about.

Particularly as he has been served with court papers in the U.S. this week that prove beyond doubt that the "amicable" divorce he had claimed he was going through with his third wife is anything but.

Indeed, the full court documents obtained by the Mail this week, reveal the true level of bitterness to which things have descended - and the full extent to which his psychotherapist wife Alyce Faye Eichelberger plans to take the multi-millionaire Cleese to the cleaners.

BBC set designer who hanged himself and killed son after custody battle torment

It is believed the 51-year-old killed himself after setting fire to the home he once shared with his ex-wife Paula, Louis, 12 - her son from another relationship - and Charlie-Bob, 6.

Story here

His son Charlie was pulled from an upstairs room and taken to hospital but later pronounced dead.

Mr Townsend is believed to have had joint custody of two sons - the other aged 12 - since splitting from wife Paula a year ago.

Landlady Sue Westcott, who owns the Bird in Hand pub, said he was noticeably distressed.

The 52-year-old landlady said: "There was a custody hearing in the day and they wouldn't let him present any of his evidence to the court.

"Chris told us he had 12 hours worth of tape with his ex-wife screaming down the phone about how he would never see the kids again, and other ramblings.

"But the court wouldn't hear any of it. They only listened to Paula's evidence and evidence from her parents.

Close friend Nigel Blake, 42,added: "He's endured years turmoil at the hands of his ex-wife.

"He would come in to the pub and tell us about his problems.

"He told us how he had called police 83 times in 12 months after she had threatened him.

"Although he was under a lot of stress the only way this could not be an accident is if he snapped. It wouldn't surprise me after all those years."

Please add some comments to the bottom of the article.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

No one would say strip clubs are genteel finishing schools, but to equate them with human trafficking rackets is just crude moralising

"So broken Britain now finds itself submerged beneath a sea of sleaze and scum with the news that 300 more strip clubs have opened in just four years. Yet again, opponents of strip clubs bring out the old tired Lilith Projects research, claiming rapes doubled in the Camden area of London the three years prior and three years after four clubs opened in that area.

"The princess complex runs too deep in us hearty western milkmaids: we may get our tits out for cash in a defiant act of subversion, but most of us keep our snatches firmly off the sales rack."

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Sun, sand, sex and stupidity: why thousands of middle-aged women are obsessed with holiday gigolos
Feminist Rosie Boycott changes her mind about workplace discrimination ...

When I first became a feminist, back in the 1960s, I thought the male ways of life were the gold standard, the way life was meant to be.

... Is on-going discrimination making life for the working woman in modern British society so stressful that she has no option but to turn her back on it?

Until recently, I have always assumed the latter.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Parasite, Tricia Walsh-Smith, moaning about not getting more of her ex-husband's money

A Daily Mail article defending gold-digging whore, Tricia Walsh-Smith.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Prostate cancer death rate falls four times faster in U.S. than UK since routine screening

Deaths from prostate cancer have fallen four times more quickly in the U.S. than in Britain since screening was introduced across the Atlantic.

Prostate screening is almost routine in America, with almost 60 per cent of men aged over 50 having the test every year - compared to under 10 per cent in the UK.

But scientists said more work was needed to show that screening was responsible for the falling death rate in the U.S.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Polly Toynbee's Version of the 'Pay Gap'

Another tedious report about the "glass ceiling". Comments are invited, but mine did not get published.

So I've put it here. Can anyone tell me what's unreasonable about it?

What IS this report? Is Polly Toynbee living in the naive bra-burning days of the 1970's?

Women earn less than men because they CHOOSE jobs that pay less.

The jobs that pay more among the working class ones are either hazardous or dirty. You don't see women carrying heavy hods of cement on dangerous scaffolding, working in coal mines, or emptying bins. These jobs pay more to attract workers. Men take them because they have whole families to feed (while women's salaries tend to be top-ups to their husbands').

In professional jobs, however, women earn the same where they are doing the same jobs as their male colleagues.

Here's a simple economic fact that seems to keep escaping Polly's notice. If a woman does exactly the same work for 80p that a man would demand £1 for, why would any employer employ men? Competition through global market forces would result in a work force entirely of women.

But we don't see that. So something other than childish discrimination by silly employers is going on.

It's called economics. And it's time political journalists stopped patronising us with their ridiculous propaganda.
Women in their 40s earn 20 per cent less than men the same age, study claims

The implication being that its down to 'discrimination' rather than choices, abilities, experience etc.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Fathers being shut out of child-birth by discriminatory NHS

Fathers should be allowed to stay overnight in hospital after the birth of their baby, according to a senior government adviser on maternity services.

He said 86 per cent of fathers now attended the birth of their child and it was no longer acceptable for them to be ordered from the ward at 9pm.

Duncan Fisher, a member of the Maternity Matters advisory group at the NHS and chief executive of the Fatherhood Institute think-tank, told The Times that the move would be popular among mothers and fathers, and that the health service should respond.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sorry girls, we men can be better parents than you

This article is 9th of April so your comments may not be published. However, it's worth a read.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

YouTube videos

Men are better than women!

Dick Masterson from appearing on the Dr. Phil show.

The problems with feminism.

A real shit-storm of a youtube thread that started a year ago.

Sean Connery on hitting women.

Barbara Walters confronting Sean Connery on his opinion that it's okay to hit women.

Men's advocate, Marc Rudov, tearing several Fox-news femmes to pieces.

Marc Rudov decrying the 'gynocracy'.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Woman took out £4,500 home improvement loan to pay for a hitman to kill husband

A woman took out a £4,500 home improvement loan to pay for a hitman to kill her husband.

Story here

Zoe Kenealy was given the cash by a finance firm after claiming she wanted to install a new bathroom.

In fact, she had recruited her lover Lee Waite - who lived next door - to arrange her husband Timothy's murder for £10,000.
'Mark's only with Kerry for her money,' claims his own mother Marilyn Croft.

I wonder why such vitriolic criticism is never poured on gold diggers of the female variety?

I especially like the 'Mothers united' phrase halfway down the page.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Boys and their toys? It's biological, not social

Boys prefer playing with cars to dolls because of basic biological differences rather than social pressures, scientists say.

Story here

Researchers observed young male monkeys spent more time playing with vehicles than with cuddly toys.

Their conclusion contradicts those of the dominant psychological theory that the preference of boys for vehicles and toy soldiers and that of girls for dolls is down to social rather than innate influences.

Mother kept able-bodied son in a wheelchair for five years so 'he would never leave her'

Still think single mothers do a great job?

"A single mother kept her young son in a wheelchair for five years because she feared he would become independent and leave her, a court heard yesterday.

The 31-year-old tricked doctors into believing the child, now 11, was ill and could not walk as part of the bizarre child cruelty plot. "

Story here

Council tax rebel, 71, jailed AGAIN for refusing to pay bill until her street is 'cleared of drugs and prostitution'

A pensioner was jailed for a second time yesterday after refusing to pay her council tax.

Story here

Josephine Rooney was sent to prison two years ago after withholding payment because she believed the local authority had failed to prevent her once-elegant street from being overrun by drug dealers and prostitutes.

Hartington Street in Derby had become known to locals as Crack Alley and her constant lobbying of the council had proved fruitless, she said.

Derby Magistrates said they had no choice but to jail her after she refused to pay, even though she has the money to settle her arrears.

Before the hearing, Miss Rooney said she had no qualms about prison. "I will do it again and and again.

Family Life in Meltdown -- continuation

Following on from Harry's post on 5th April, of course family life is in meltdown! The UK is a country that is overwhelmed by female energy. (It's why I now live abroad.) And the people it affects the most (surprise, surprise) are men and boys.

Different males handle this differently. Some become feminised themselves (e.g. men in government or the media), while others behave in the most destructive way -- such as boys now forming a gang culture, or soccer thugs in their 30's. (Let's bear in mind though, that the feminised men in government and the media behave in far more destructive ways, because they are the ones with any power.)

But calling this a "collapse of the family unit" I think misses the mark. It puts a unisex gloss onto it, which it clearly isn't.The problem is, that boys are lacking male mentoring. 80% of teachers are now female. Indeed, some 35% of boys now go through school without ever having had any contact with a male teacher.

Male mentoring is something boys crave, especially when they start school and are thrown into a world of dominant matriarchs. And they are being denied it.But they are also denied it home. Often the father, having himself grown up in a female dominated environment, will be an inadequate guide for his sons. And single mothers do an appalling job in raising children, particularly their sons. (Some single mothers, of course, do try hard. But let's make no mistake: others don't.)

I believe strongly, that until we get some mature masculine structure into our society, things will continue to get worse. What we need now is some research in universities. We need to fully grasp the male psyche. And then build an education system based on it. Moreover, we need more men in education. Indeed, I believe that men should be available to guide and teach boys in the youngest age groups. (If this means paying more money to men to attract them to the job, then so be it.) I believe that advanced boys should be taught exclusively (or maybe almost exclusively) by men.

For any change to take place, we need policiticians sympathic to the MM. I don't yet know of any, although I appreciate that they may get destroyed by the media if they make themselves known.

We've still got some way to go.

[This post was originally a comment-response.]

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Another poor, uneducated, oppressed woman is forced, against her will, into the seedy underworld of prostitution.


Further proof, if ever it were needed, that inside every ostensibly moralistic woman there lurks a money-hungry whore. Not that there's anything immoral about prostitution; it's only illegal because middle-class women can't stand the idea of their hubbies legally stopping-off at the local brothel on the way home from work.

Prostitute= victim.
Client= criminal.

Childlike Dishonesty - A Feminists Trademark.

Having been invited to contribute to this blog, for my first posting I will provide an email I have just sent to Angry Harry. For those of you who, like me, recognize feminism as being a fully fledged crime against humanity, it is just one example of a multitude of hateful lies and exaggerations that have been constantly raining down upon the public for a very long time now.

Hi Harry,

I had to forward this onto to you. It was written by Lauren Booth as part of her column in today's, the 6th April' 08, Mail on Sunday.

And, in case you might think, it was not written in a 'tongue in cheek' or a whimsical manner that is providing perspective for some other point she is making, or has made in the past. This juvenile, moronic and clearly dishonest woman obviously expects people to believe in the full truth of this sort of thing and obviously deems it her journalistic privilege to convey to the public this sort of distorted claptrap - and clearly her editorial bosses seem quite happy to allow Lauren Booth to mislead the public in this way. It beggars belief Harry.

"A while back I was in a bar with an Asian friend. We were chatting privately about work and marriage when a man came over and accosted her. He said he was a member of the BNP and thought it was his duty to tell us 'you sluts should both be at home in the kitchen'. I thought of him this week while reading about a senior BNP official sacked after describing rape as 'myth' and saying 'some women are like gongs - they need to be struck regularly'. The man at the bar became so verbally aggressive that after a while I threatened to punch his lights out. At which point he huffed and puffed about being much shorter than me and having only one arm. That's the problem with these idiots. None of them can decide whether they're victims or bullies. It's unwise to try to be both. Unless you like being slapped by 6ft feminists of course".

Make of this what you will.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Mother locked up for smacking her son.

I'm sorry to bore you all to death, but I just have to keep saying it.

The Number One aim of our feminist-dominated left-wing governments is to break apart people's families and all their close relationships.
Family life is in 'meltdown'

Family breakdown is a "cancer" behind almost every evil affecting the country, a senior judge will declare today.

Mr Justice Coleridge blames youth crime, child abuse, drug addiction and binge-drinking on the "meltdown" of relations between parents and children.

He warns that the collapse of the family unit is a threat to the nation as bad as terrorism, crime, drugs or global warming.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Dozen pupils aged 9 and 10 arrested over plot to kidnap and kill teacher because she told them off

The plot had been planned with military precision and the group was well armed.

Each member had been given a role, from keeping watch to mopping up the blood afterwards.

But this wasn't a gangland murder. It was a group of eight and nine-year-old primary school children preparing to attack their teacher in an act of revenge.

Story here

Police believe the group - led by a nine-year-old girl - had planned to smash the paperweight over Mrs Carter's head.

Once they had disabled her they would have bound her with the tape and used the knife to stab her.

Police believe the nine-year-old ringleader wanted revenge on the teacher after being told off for standing on her chair in class.

Officers think she recruited her friends, telling them to bring in the weapons needed.

Members of the group were also given roles, such as standing guard and cleaning up afterwards.

The suspected mastermind, another nine-year-old girl, and an eight-year-old boy have been charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds and conspiracy to assault the teacher.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

White teenage boys are the new poor in Labour's Britain

White boys from sink estates are the new poor in Labour's Britain, an official report said yesterday.

Story here

Among the losers are families with stay-at-home mothers, who were found to make up a growing number of the poor.

A study for Tory leader David Cameron by senior party MP Iain Duncan Smith identified in 2006 the growing failure among white boys.

It said family breakdown, family indifference, drink and drug abuse by parents and peer pressure was holding them back.